We have received an interesting enquiry from a retired Yorkshire police officer living in The Gambia.  He runs a small driving school and is also chairman of a charity organisation, The Road Safety and driving Standards Association, in The Gambia.

He has received a request from the local Bus/Coach company to provide driver training for all their drivers as they are incurring enormous losses in terms of accident damage, causing serious delays to services which further causes problems with customers. The company runs many services both within the country and to neighbouring countries such as Senegal and Guinea.

He is therefore looking to employ a qualified Driving Instructor for Buses/Coaches and Heavy Goods Vehicles to satisfy the company’s needs for a period of say, 6 months, and at the same time train 2 or 3 instructors to carry on the work when the contract expires.  Expenses, accommodation and salary would be paid for this contract.

What an amazing opportunity for an instructor to experience training in a foreign country and under different conditions to Europe!

If you think you have the qualifications, skills and experience for this opportunity, please email the secretary in the first instance – secretary@adinjc.org.uk All enquiries will be forwarded for consideration.