Photocard provisional licences

As a result of John Rogers’ (Disability Driving Instructors) attention to detail, we recently queried DVSA’s stance on photocard licences that may have expired during lockdown.  As a result, DVSA have changed their view and will now be dealing with expired photocards in the same way that they always have done, as is documented in the DT1.

Short answer: 

The provisional photocard licence is not included in the extension, however DVLA are content for DVSA to continue our longstanding and pragmatic arrangement to go ahead with a test, provided the examiner is satisfied as to the identity of the candidate.  Therefore, the procedures outlined in the DT1 remains valid and will be followed.  However, if the licence itself has expired the test cannot be conducted, as the candidate no longer holds the entitlement to drive.

Long answer – for those who would like the workings out:

DVLA have granted a 7 month extension for photocard licences that expire between 1 Feb and 31 Aug, with the extension starting on the date the photocard expires.  This extension does not apply to provisional driving licences.  If a driver’s entitlement to drive is due to expire then they must renew their licence in the usual way if they wish to carry on driving – there is no extension to the validity of the licence and the holder’s entitlement to drive.

In cases where, the driving licence card (known as the Administrative Validity Period (AVP)of the card) expires before driving entitlement individuals are required by law to surrender their licence to the DVLA and complete an application to renew the licence should they wish to continue driving.  Failure to do so is an offence.

The DT1 sets out instructions where a provisional driving licence has an expired AVP, but the entitlement is still valid , and is presented at a test. It states that the examiner is to check if the likeness on the driving licence matches the person taking the test. If it is a likeness then the examiner allows them to sit the test. If the test is passed the driver is required to make a postal application to the DVLA for their licence and cannot be done by the examiner on the driver’s behalf.  If a driver fails the test the examiner could advise the driver to apply for a new driving licence.

Therefore, considering the current circumstances, there will be no changes to the established DT1 procedures.




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