Mock Test Workshop – Gloucester 18/11/2019

Venue: Holiday Inn, Crest Way, Barnwood GL4 3RX

This workshop is delivered by Lin Western ADINJC Head of Training, Lin was a DVSA Examiner for a number of years testing Cars and LGV; and Leigh Brookes who trained at Cardington as a DVSA examiner in 2018 and is still an examiner for various advanced tests outside of the DVSA.  Both were experienced ADIs before working for the DVSA and continue as working ADIs and Trainers today.

Course Content:

  • The DL25 Marking De-mystified
  • Fault Identification & Location
  • Assessment Rules & Tools
  • Weighing driver faults, serious faults and dangerous faults
  • Legal requirements for test
  • Habitual faults
  • Test wording

Suitable for:

  • ADIs/PDIs wanting to understand the Assessment and Marking process of the DL25
  • ADIs/PDIs wanting to help promote confidence and understanding of the Driving Test process to their pupils
  • ADIs/PDIs wanting to enhance their learning and CPD

The workshop will leave you with a much greater understanding of how the test is conducted, marked and assessed to enable you to deliver more accurate mock tests to your pupils and better understand the feedback at the end of the test.

We as ADI’s take regular Standards Check courses, we prepare ourselves as best we can by researching the latest information, plan routes, and some take additional training.

So it makes sense that we would do the same for our pupils, to help them feel better prepared and confident on the day.

Cost: Members £99,  Non-members £119

To Book Ring 0800 8202 444

This is what people on the June Mock Test workshop said about it –

I had a wonderful time. I have learned so much about marking ‘Mock Tests’ & now realise that I ‘fault mark’ when I do mocks. This was very worthwhile & I look forward to future courses in my area’ – Jilly Shepherd

‘Book it! Absolutely brilliant afternoon, very informative. Learnt so much. Thank you’ – Deanne Rose

‘It’s a must. It puts a different perspective on test marking’ – Derek Clarke

‘I definitely will recommend my colleagues to attend thiscourse in the future’ – Bahram Behrouzi

‘Very informative. Definitely gained a better
understanding of examiners and the marking sheet. It will make you a better instructor. Really glad I came. Having this extra knowledge & better understanding has been fantastic’ –
Cheryl Plum

‘Highly recommended. Clear & very helpful to address the task of an examiner’ –Kevin Sweetman

‘Found out a lot of information I didn’t know. Really was good to understand the Mock Test in more detail. Great course would recommend it to anyone’ – Tracey Rollinson

‘Well worth attending. Good insight into the Driving Test & Marking Sheet’ – Helen Train

‘Go and attend the course! Maybe the examiners have a slightly harder job than I thought’ – Wyn Owen

‘Highly recommend. Very informative. Greater respect for examiners’ – no name supplied

‘Well-presented workshop, I’ve learnt a lot today that will help me. All ADI’s could benefit from attending this course. It’s been beneficial but enjoyable’ – no name supplied