Statement from our Chair

I want to thank the team at NJC for working the late hours to get out information for you. Having finally got more information from DVSA late last night for restrictions in England, it restated that Government guidance directs that for the duration of the lockdown driver and rider training lessons should not take place. This is in the interest of everyone’s health and to protect the NHS.

It also clarifies:

• There will be no critical worker tests and ADIs and PDIs are advised not to provide critical worker lessons. It does state this will be kept under review

• Candidates should not travel into other parts of the UK to take tests and will be refused. This infers that it is similarly inappropriate to travel into other parts of the UK with pupils to undertake tuition.

• The advice is for cars and motorcycle training

• Candidates who have practical tests cancelled will be contacted and sent a new date by DVSA

• Unless the lockdown is extended the date to resume work is December 2nd as lockdown ends at 00:01 on that day.

We are aware there are still many questions that members need to have answered and we will endeavour to get these to you as soon as we have them from DVSA in the coming days. The ADINJC would urge you to follow the Government Guidance.

If any of you choose not to follow this guidance you should seek confirmation from your insurers regarding your cover.

Lynne Barrie ADINJC Chair


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Our Talk Line is still available for anybody feeling the need for someone to talk to as we continue in these troubling times.  This is a completely free and confidential service so please get in touch if you need to talk.

The NJC continues to be dedicated to help you in these challenging times and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.  Please feel free to contact us for help and support.

ADINJC’s helpline is 0800 8202 444
The Secretary’s number is 07855 453414

The ADINJC is a national association run by ADIs on a not-for-profit basis.  We work tirelessly to inform, represent and support our members, and to promote the interests of our profession.