Here is the link to last night’s webinar.  We’re sorry that we were unable to answer so many of your questions, but had been promised that we would have had answers to them before the webinar.  As yet we have still to hear from DVSA but as soon as we do will of course share the information.


The Energy Savings Trust run some some excellent courses that are free to ADIs and would be well worth doing for anyone considering an Electric Vehicle for their next school car.  Details of the courses:

• What EVs and PHEVs are available, their realistic ranges and uses.

• Costs:  Purchase costs & running costs including grants, fuel costs, taxes and servicing/maintenance.
• Driving EVs: their modes, controls and displays; maximising EVs efficiency and therefore range
• Other issues & concerns: Overall CO2 emissions compared to petrol diesel; electricity production (will the national grid cope?);  Lithium supplies; Battery life and degradation, etc etc.

The courses are free of charge as they are funded by Dept for Transport.

Pre COVID the courses ran at various locations around England, with classroom training in the mornings and on-road in the afternoons.  The classroom training has been replaced with webinars but keeping the numbers on the webinars small so the courses can be really interactive with questions and discussion welcome at any time.

In the afternoons following the webinars on-road training is still offered when ADIs that have attended the webinar in the morning can come along and drive 3 different EVs, each for approx 20 to 30 mins.  The on-road training is one-to-one with a trainer working for EST and of course it follows COVID protocols of mask wearing, ensuring good ventilation, sanitising touch points between drivers etc.

Dates and locations for upcoming courses –
8th Dec: Stoke
9th Dec: Worcester
10th Dec: Swindon.

For more information or to book a place on a course please contact Raymond Amileke on


And looking to the future for driver training, the RAC Foundation with the University of Nottingham have been researching driver behaviour in relation to the next stage of level 3 automated vehicles.  The study found that drivers who received behavioural training were more measured in their behaviour and better understood the car’s capabilities and limitations.

You can read the press release and full report here.



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