The September edition of Traffic Safety Roads is now out – many thanks to Graham Feest, our Road Safety Advisor.

In this month’s edition –

  • Highway Code Consultation
  • 2019 Provisional Road Safety Casualties
  • Fatigue Management
  • Autonomous Vehicle Readiness
  • Human Cheese Grater  Daily Walk Around Checks
  • 24/7 Bus Lanes
  • Celebrating 10 Years of Cycle Hire in London
  • Walking and Cycling in 2019
  • Graduated Driver Licencing
  • SUV’s Not Helping Pollution
  • Could There be a Shortage of Driver Trainers
  • Raising the Speed Limit on Motorway Road Work Sites
  • Overhead Motorway Power Lines  Private Hire Parking Firms
  • A Bold Vision for Walking and Cycling
  • Charitable Funds up for Grabs
  • Bridge Strikes
  • A Dutch Round-a Bout
  • Project Edward
  • Vehicle Electric Charging Points
  • Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS)
  • Road Safety Week
  • What the Public is Saying
  • The Coroner Service (Call for Evidence)
  • Lunch Exeter – For the UK Road Safety Network
  • The Most Popular Car Colour
  • Is It All About the Revenue?
  • Head pf Road Safety
  • Predicting Incident Hotspots
  • Seat Belts and Child Restraints

Click herfor this month’s edition of Traffic Safety Roads.


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