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We asked for your feedback on experiences of returning to work, thanks for your replies!  We print them here as they may be helpful to those not returned het.

  • Andy Holmes said it was really great to be back but found I was also a bit rusty, let alone the driver!
  • Albert Dsouza also said it was good to be back. –  I found the face mask was irritating so used the home made one and that was fine.  One problem though was using toilets.
    As most place have shut the facilities, had to nip home to get sorted.
  • Stephen Corless – I returned to instructing this morning. I’m working mornings only for the next 2 weeks before building up to full time over July/August. I’m now doing an hour and a half lessons which work better than an hour.  After much apprehension over the weekend about both my pupils and myself wearing face masks it all went really well for both lessons today. The Monday evening webinars and the toolbox have been invaluable in carrying out the risk assessments. It feels great to be back at work again!
  • Marie Taylor – I began to think it was going to be the end of my career teaching.  But I was out Saturday with my lovely students,  I love the smell of disinfectant and I like cleaning so it was a win win
  • Graham McLoughlin –  First day back all went well apart from 6 hours of suffering a hot face due to face mask, on another note seeing other instructors out with face coverings all learner cars look like highwaymen 😉
  • Helen Priestley – It was great to be back at work on Saturday. The face covering was ok!! I’m sure it’ll get easier. All my pupils were so glad to be back on the road and that they hadn’t actually forgotten how to drive.


Some more Q & A from DVSA, for anyone teaching deaf students:

If a test candidate with hearing difficulties needs to lipread, will the examiner temporarily remove their face covering when required to allow the candidate to see their lip movements?

Yes, please let us know by using the special requirements section on our booking system to let us know about this. The most appropriate method for communication between the examiner and the candidate will be established whilst out of the vehicle and whilst maintaining social distancing.

If the test candidate is deaf, uses British Sign Language (BSL) to communicate and needs a BSL interpreter in car (either the ADI or an independent interpreter), will it be permitted to have 3 people in car for the practical test.

Yes, providing the candidate has informed us by using the special requirements section that they will be bringing a BSL interpreter, this will enable DVSA to ensure we have an examiner available who is willing to have an additional person in the car in the same way we make sure we have an examiner who is able to take a test for someone who can’t wear a face covering. (When DVSA opens up ADI tests and return to having 3 people in the car more widely, this will become easier)

Will the ADI be permitted to accompany the candidate for the tell me question at the start of the test if interpretation may be required?
Yes if they are a BSL interpreter. As with all tests it is helpful if the ADI is in the vicinity and ready to assist if required and invited by the DE. The ADI must follow social distancing requirements. The ‘tell me’ question can be conducted outside of the vehicle at the start of the test so will not require the ADI to accompany the whole test if this is the only section that interpretation is required. This will ensure social distancing can be maintained.

It is a requirement that any such adjustments MUST be requested at the time of booking using the special requirements section, to ensure the candidate can be matched with a suitable driving examiner.


Debate in Parliament today

Many thanks to Debbie Bishop for alerting us that there will be a debate in Parliament today as a result of the petition and action by the group Engaged UK (which we’ve mentioned several times).  They have been lobbying for those folk who have slipped through the net and not qualified for any help through the SEISS.  You can watch the debate live which takes place around 4pm here.



The link for the Q & A webinar with DVSA and NASP.

The script for the Q&As.


Several people have written in to say that they have found the toolbox useful, so please do feel free to make use of it.  It’s been put together by Lin Western, Head of Training and it’s not just for members, it’s on the front page of the website.


Recent useful links:


Colin Edwards’ animated video explaing what we’re doing and why

Seat covers

Safe Surface Sanitiser Spray  Use the discount code DRIVE5 to get 5% discount at the checkout.  Many thanks to Sue White for this information and for arranging the discount.

And another sanitiser ​product with a 2.5% discount purchased via


Our talk Line will operate for one more week.  If you need someone to talk to please call someone, our lovely team has been really helpful to many ADIs over recent weeks.  Many of them will be returning to work now, but there will remain all the usual numbers if you need support.

Tony            07900 571 774
Christine     01502 713141
Andrew       07812 537 562
Jilly               07765 362 384 (not available 8-10am)
Sue              07841 533390
Neil              07878 168 914
Parv             07712 620 069
George        07415 651 974
Peter           07918 108 577
Bryan          07976 293 721
Tina             07870 439 764 (evenings only)
Debbie        07904 411 747 (not available Tues, Thurs, Sun 3-7pm)
Lin               07710 418 965
Graham      07974 814 116



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