If you have photos of instructors waiting at your test centre you’d like to share, please send them in.  (Yes I know some of these look a little on the young side!)  This is the picture my local group (Plymouth) are using for this month’s facebook page.


How are your tests going?  Do let us have your stories, especially if they are good ones, like the following from John Brown of the Disability Driving Instructors group.

“Well I don’t know whether this is a success or a failure, but today my longest ASD learner ever passed – Just.

I have mentioned her struggles over the past 3 years as it has been a time of hard work and determination which most people would have no understanding of.
I am so glad she passed before I retire as her Theory was in danger of  running out and it was not clear how long a resit would take as she took 15 times on the first circuit.
Today was her tenth practical and although she had a “good drive” she amassed 14 errors. Her sequential and perceptual  problems meant there was no way she could drive to the system the examiner expected, but I always had faith she would be safe as a driver when not having to interpret verbal instructions or perform unnecessary sequencing.
A young woman I admire immensely for her even personality and incredible determination.”

Well done and congratulations to you both.  It must have been a relief to be able to get it done before her theory ran out.


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